CNC Ball Screw Mill X-Y Base Upgrade


Complete 5019 XY stage (base and saddle) with Ball Screws and Nema 23 motor mounts.  This is an ideal assembly for upgrading your existing Taig Micro mill from lead screws to ball screws as you can use your old base with the 4105C5 Taig Mill to 5C Lathe conversion kit to add a CNC lathe to your shop!  Due to the weight of the motor and Z axis assembly, the Z axis is less likely to experience backlash and so upgrading the Z axis to ball screws may not be worth the extra cost for many users.  


New Video Tutorial Posted - Taig Lathe Drilling to Depth

Video #3 is up - covers drilling holes on center with the Taig lathe. Enjoy!

New Video Tutorial Posted - Taig Lathe Facing and Turning Operations

Video #2 is up!  This time a demonstration on basic facing and turning operations on the Taig Lathe.  Be sure to subscribe on the Youtube channel if you want to be notified of future videos.  Thanks!  -Keith


First Youtube Video Tutorial - Machining the Soft Jaws

I made a tutorial video on how to machine your soft jaws!  Please let me know if you have suggestions for future tutorials or would like to see other Taig related videos.  Happy machining!

Threading Using the 1152 Die Holder for Tailstock

Threading on the Taig lathe!  This is a quick and simple demonstration of how the 1152 "Die Holder for Tailstock" is used to hold 1" button dies on center and enable the Taig lathe to cut standard diameter threads.

1152 Die Holder for Tailstock in Action

Kansas City Maker Faire 2017


Announcement for all midwest Taig enthusiasts near Kansas City - I will be running a booth along side my brother's 3D printer booth ( and will be demonstrating the Taig manual lathe and CNC mill.  Hope to see some of you there!

Snapper Mower Deck Repair

I was given a heavily used snapper lawn mower a few years ago and it has been a great riding mower!  However, it was made in the mid 90's and has several parts in need of attention.  Lately the deck belt has been jumping its pulley system every time I disengage the blades.  Apparently 20 years of the tensioning pulley pivoting on its hinge has caused some wear.  This turned out to be a perfect job for the lathe.  Here we go!

old pin vs new pin

Mini Cannon

Mini Cannon!  Here is a quick lathe project that provides a lot of bang for the buck, ha ha.   Oh my...


Can Cooler Project - Part 1

This is part 1 of the Can Cooler Project (as of this post, still a work in progress).  The plan is to make a small standalone soda can cooler that can rapidly chill on demand, a single 12 oz can of soda.  Here is what I have so far!

can cooler prototype assembly

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