What Can You Do With a Lathe?

Some projects made on my Taig Lathe:

Cribbage Game Pieces

The game pieces for this over-sized cribbage board are made from 1/2 inch hex material. One set of three is stainless and the other set is brass. I used the cut-off tool to cut the grooves while turning between centers. The smaller diameter was turned using the right hand tool. The taper was cut using the 1200 compound cross slide. The rounded tip was created with a couple higher angle taper cuts and some hand filing.

cribbage board dwg image cribbage game piece image Cribage Board Image

Pen Plotter Custom Adapter

A friend was interested in using alternative markers and cutting tools in his pen plotter. I made this aluminum adapter to use pencils, blades, crayons, or whatever fits. The compound cross slide was used for cutting the taper and the tailstock was used with standard drill bits to bore the center hole

Custom Fastener for Modular Couch

This strange looking fastener was part of a large modular couch assembly. One of these was lost during a move and so made a copy using a piece of carbon steel rod from the hardware store. The threads were cut using a button die and the 1152 die holder attached to tailstock. I think the new one is a much higher quality part than the original :)

Steam Engine "Oscillator"

Littlemachineshop.com sells this oscillating steam engine kit for around $25. It was my first project so I used a variety of cutting tools and operations. The 1030 4-jaw independent chuck (or a drill press) is required to do the cylinder because the work is square and the bore is off-center.

Prototyped Part with Milled Features

Adapted Shifter is a local company that contacted me with an interest in evaluating the Taig equipment. I machined this prototype part for them to demonstrate the capabilities of the Taig lathe. The 1220 milling attachment was required for creating the slot feature. Manufacturing anything in volume is best left to bigger machines, but prototyping or producing a few parts is an ideal application for the Taig machine tools.

Prototype DWG Image prototype photo image1 prototype photo image2